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Packing Box  and equipment,  hire and supply

General House Moving Box

Length: 457mm (18")
Width: 333mm (13")
Height: 333mm (13")
Cubic: 51 Litres
Handle Holes
Printed: Yes



Quantity 15      25.00 no vat
Quantity 100   144.00 no vat



Large Tea Chest Box

Length: 457mm (18.0")
Width: 457mm (18.0")
Height: 508mm (20.0")
Cubic: 106 Litres
Quantity: 1 Box
Printed: Yes

457 508

Quantity 15      45.00 no vat
Quantity 140   406.00 no vat

Small Bubble Wrap 750mm x 100m

Width: 1500mm
Length: 100m
Bubbles 10mm Wide / 4mm High


Bubble wrap 750mmx100 metres
25.00 each inc no vat


Medium Bubble Wrap 1500mm x 100m

Width: 1500mm
Length: 100m
Bubbles 10mm Wide / 4mm High


Bubble wrap 1500mmx100 metres
50.00 each inc no vat

Removal Blankets

Width: 2000mm  
Length: 1500mm
Colour: Gray



1x blanket total cost          4.50 no vat
10 blankets total cost         30.00 no vat
15 blankets total cost         45.00 no vat
25 blankets total cost         65.00 no vat
50 blankeystotal cost        120.00 no vat


Wardrobe Boxes

Length: 510mm (20.0")
Width: 455mm (18.0")
Height: 1225mm (48.0")
Quantity: 3 Boxes & Rails
Printed: Yes


Wardrobe cartons 1           10.00 inc rail
Wardrobe cartons 3           30.00 inc rail
Wardrobe cartons 5           40.00 inc rail
Wardrobe cartons 10          80.00 inc rail

Extra rail bar 2.00 each


Buff Tapes Pack

Buff Tapes Pack
Length: 66 Metres
Width: 48mm
Colour: Brown


Quantity x 1                   1.50 each no vat
Quantity x 6                   7.50 total no vat
Quantity 36(box)           45.00 no vat

Packing Paper Sheets

Great for wrapping breakables securely for moving, or for wrapping parcels before posting.

Width: 600mm
Available in packs of either 250 or 500 Sheets


Packaging paper

250 sheets 5kg               7.50 each
500 sheets 10kg              15.00 each

Piano Trolley

Large rubber grips on each side
Extra strong steel to ensure security


Piano wheels inc Piano jacket
1 day                                17.50 inc
2 days                             25.00 inc
7 days                             30.00 inc
Free local delivery/collection

Sack Truck

Solid Tyres with 9 Inch plates
Made from strong painted steel.
300Kg Capacity


1 day                              17.50 inc no vat
2 days                             25.00 inc no vat
w/end                              25.00 inc no vat
7days                              40.00 inc no vat
Free local delivery/collection service

Rubber Dollies

Ideal for moving house or office moves


hire charges 1 day             10.00
hire charges 2 days            15.00
hire charges w/end             15.00
hire charges 7 days            20.00 inc
not vat free local delivery



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